Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the SULTAN, HAMZA, HAKIMI and WALEED ranges? Which one should I choose?

Firstly, all are amazing pieces that we think should be in every thobe wardrobe – so by default, we would recommend them all!

In terms of overall similarities, all four styles are made of premium fabrics - designed, produced and sourced directly from Morocco.

With regards to our non-hooded variants; the WALEED, HAMZA and SULTAN jūbbas are all made of Gabardine cotton - which is a mixture of tightly woven premium cotton fabrics commonly seen in more durable and rain resistant garments such as suits and coats. All 3 have a distinctive glossy sheen – which is why it is such a great stand-alone piece.

The WALEED is laced with a single handmade embroidery detail, whereas the SULTAN and HAMZA have the double embroidery detail amongst other handmade touches, providing an added level of opulence and class to an already classy and traditional thobe. Additionally, both are more relaxed in their fit and are slightly larger than their WALEED and HAKIMI size comparisons.

The HAKIMI range is made from a linen blend fabric, which is low sheen, cool to the touch and feels lightweight on the body. Just think of your favourite linen shirt! It’s ideal for those summer days and nights or for that added formal touch. If you are one to wear a blazer over your jūbba regularly, we recommend you choose from our HAKIMI range for that extra flare.

There' a slit on one (or both) sides of my jūbba. Is it faulty?

No, it's not. Our Jūbbas are actually designed with functionality in mind. On one side of our thobes you'll have an inbuilt pocket and on the other side (or both sides of our hooded Djellabas), a slit that will allow the wearer to access their undergarment. It's there purposefully and in our biased opinion, very well thought out.

Help! I don’t know what size to choose

Please see our size guide and/or email us for advice! We have tailored our size guide based on your weight in kg and height in cm. In the instance you fit in the border of two different sizes, we recommend the larger size if you are looking for a more standard/loose fit.

Additionally, please note Moroccan thobes are designed to sit shorter (above the ankle) compared to more traditional thobes.

Will you have other styles to choose from?

Yes in Shaa Allah! Watch this space!

Our design and material sourcing is often the most time consuming process given the importance we put on choosing the right products to reflect our brand. We hope to expand very soon in shaa Allah.

What if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, we do not have a change of mind policy. However, we are happy to exchange any purchases (excluding sale items) within 30 days of the original date of purchase. No refunds will be offered for change of mind.

How do I return or exchange my item?

For full details please see our Exchanges & Returns policy.

How long will my items take to be delivered?

We endeavour to process and send off your order within 24-72 hours. Depending on whether you choose regular or express shipping, your order may take anywhere between 2-10 days for domestic orders.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Please feel free to reach out with any question.

How do I give feedback?

We love to hear from our customers! Email us directly or contact us via our website. Alternatively, leave a message/comment on our social media accounts (jubba.collection) which you can access at the bottom of this page.