About Us

Jūbba Collection was inspired by a journey to Morocco and the Middle East in the Summer of 2022.

Captivated by the warmth of the people and the rich culture, it was refreshing to see an abundance of brothers and sisters in modest wear!

It was through reminiscing that we developed a yearning to bring this vision back home, and so, we created Jūbba Collection - our very own modest wear collection. Jūbba Collection brings together inspiration from the Islamic world to provide modest clothing fit for casual wear, celebrations, the mosque or formal events!

Our name, Jūbba Collection, is derived from the Arabic word "Jubbah", meaning "long outer garment", which is traditionally worn worldwide.

Through Allah's will, we aim to spread modesty by showcasing unique Islamic long outer garments from around the world.

Although we are starting small, keep your eyes out for the various styles and colours we're hoping to bring to you all!