Collection: JAMEEL - Hooded Jūbba (Djellaba)

Our JAMEEL jūbba (Djellaba) is made of a premium blend of dry cotton, creating a complex multi-textured garment of varying depths and quiet luxury.

This understated piece is a fantastic option for more relaxed events. Perfect for those days/nights where you just want to slip on something more casual and still be comfortable. Its pocketless design also makes it easy to access your undergarment pockets to store and retrieve belongings.

Because this jūbba is on the thinner side, it's a really versatile garment! You can wear it on its own on warmer nights or layer it up on colder ones.

Generally speaking, if you have a more slender frame, please consider selecting a size down from your usual WALEED/HAKIMI size. See our size guide for further assistance.